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Find out how a doula can help you! A doula supports your choices, natural, medical, or somewhere in-between. It’s never too early, or too late, to hire a doula!


Choosing the right care provider is the most important decision you’ll make during pregnancy. After that, hiring a doula is the other game changer. Your doula is an integral part of your birth team. Besides your partner, she’s the one constant support person throughout your labor and birth. Your doula knows exactly what you want, because you’ve gone over birth preferences, and asked questions, and she’s listened to your fears, desires and expectations. She’s taught you ways you and your partner can work together in early labor. She finds the best ways your partner can support you during active labor, and makes sure every need is being met ~emotional and physical. Labor is very intense and surreal. Reassurance and support make it a little less intimidating. Your doula supports both you and your partner through every turn your birthing takes. Whether you just found out you’re pregnant, or you’re in your third trimester, schedule a consultation today and see what a doula can do for you!

Find out how a doula can support your family and make the transition into parenthood easier! Book services during pregnancy, or after your baby arrives.


Treat yourself to customized care for you and your family during the most transformational time of your life! Whether you’re becoming brand new parents or expanding your family, a postpartum doula can help everyone adjust to their roles more easily, and relieve some of the pressure growing families feel. While the mom’s role is to mother the baby, the doula’s role is to ‘mother the mother’…and family! Think of everything that gets neglected in the first few weeks with a new baby; dishes, cooking, sleeping, showering, and laundry, are just a few. What about problems that arise, with breastfeeding, swaddling, babywearing, cloth diapering and bathing? And then there’s the rest of the family, lunches to be made, pets to be fed and walked, kids that need attention. Life keeps moving right along, but things aren’t going so smoothly. A postpartum doula is that missing piece that keeps a household functioning after welcoming a new a baby. Why struggle? Choose a postpartum package that works for you!

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